Word with the Boss: Young economists seize chance to apply talentsMichael LeVert and Kate Reilly deLutio open their consultancy as some of their mentors are easing out of the market in Maine.Jenn McAdoo’s moving something different these daysJenn McAdoo was an environmental lobbyist, now she's working for Furniture Friends, which gives furniture to people who need it.

Sidney man convicted of raping child seeks new trial

A Sidney man serving a 50-year prison sentence for repeated sexual assaults on a 4-year-old that he recorded on his cellphone wants a new trial.In both appeals, Assistant Attorney General Paul Rucha maintained the trial court was correct in its rulings.

'Son of Sam' killer hospitalized for reported heart ailment

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Posted December 12

Updated December 12

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David Berkowitz, serving a life sentence, was transferred to a hospital.The "Son of Sam" serial killer who terrorized New York City 40 years ago has been hospitalized for a reported heart ailment.

5 things small business owners should know about tax bills | Business

How much companies will pay in tax starting in 2018 will depend on fine points, technicalities and exemptions, tax experts say.Among them: Business owners who provide professional services, including lawyers, accountants and consultants, could see themselves at least partially excluded from the tax breaks aimed at helping pass-throughs.

Trump transition counsel criticizes Mueller's access to emails

WASHINGTON — Special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian contacts with President Trump’s campaign has gained access to thousands of emails sent and received by Trump officials before the start of his administration, the general counsel for Trump’s transition organization says.The tens of thousands of emails pertain to 13 senior Trump transition officials.