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Dear Answer Man, a new apartment project in Rochester won some state award. Do you know what it is?

Dear Answer Man, what's the status of the old St. Mary's dairy barn along Olmsted County Road 104? There was a plan a few years ago to fix it up and use it for an event center.

Dear Answer Man, I've always wondered, as I travel the Yellow Brick Road known as I-35 to the Oz of the Twin Cities, why there's such a big wooded area near Faribault that separates the northbound and southbound lanes. It's flat as a pancake around there, not like the woodlands on U.S. 52 as…

Dear Answer Man, whatever became of that much-awaited Public Art Master Plan that was such a source of angst several months ago? Is it now gathering dust like most master plans?

Dear Mr. Answer Man: Why is there a chain link fence around Generose? -- Too Tired to be Clever

I have a tax question for the Master in regard to the tax bill that will be passed by our illustrious Congress soon.

I know you'll remember this, because you're a loyal reader.

Dear Answer Man, what is on the bottom of Silver Lake? About 20 years ago, they dredged Silver Lake and hurriedly and conveniently brought it out and dumped it across the road from me and only yards from my neighbor at the time, on city land. My other neighbor, a farmer, asked the city if he…

Dear Answer Man, is the Dahl Dance Center moving?

Dear Answer Man, this one is made for you.

Dear Answer Man, is the Gap at Apache Mall really closing?

Dear Answer Man, I was told by an ex-Mayo One pilot that the Alatus building to be built at 14th Avenue and Second Street Southwest is to be 13 floors tall. He said the Saint Marys helicopter pad is on the 10th floor level. He said because of the proximity of the new building, it does not co…

Put aside your Black Friday shopping list, please, and MEMORIZE THIS COLUMN. You have only days to prepare for what's likely to be a dilly of a winter for crows in downtown Rochester.

Dear lucky Answer Man reader: This is the last of the reruns before I return from vacation, and this is an extra-special Classic Answer Man column — an amalgam of two columns, from June 1 and June 5, following up on the question posed in Tuesday's column.

Dear Loyal Reader, yes, I'm still on vacation, and this is yet another Classic Answer Man, but the good news is, my money is just about gone, and I have to return to work. In the meantime, here's the second-to-last rerun, originally published May 30, and I promise the rerun masterpiece on We…

Dear Loyal Reader, I'm enjoying a well-deserved vacation but by popular demand, here's a rare sampling of Answer Man classics to keep you entertained while I'm gone. This column is an amalgam of columns from Nov. 18 and Nov. 21 of last year, a double helping of lutefisk.

When will U.S. 14 between Mankato and Owatonna be wrapped up? Will the city of Rochester's half-cent special sales tax expire before voters get a shot at it in November of next year? Is Dr. Charlie buried at Mayowood? All answers are provided in the Answer Man's weekly Big Column.

Dear Loyal Reader: I'm taking a well-deserved vacation for a few days, doing millennial things such as sampling new locally brewed IPAs, tracking taco trucks and catching up on episodes of "Rick and Morty." While I'm away, I thought you'd enjoy reading this Classic Answer Man column from Dec…

Dear Loyal Reader: I'm taking a well-deserved but inadequately financed vacation for a few days. While I'm away, I thought you'd enjoy reading this Classic Answer Man column from March 3.

The Answer Man addresses the issues of the day, such as, did a UFO pass over Rochester on July 18, and is canola oil just as effective as vegetable oil when you're baiting earwigs?

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