Most Romantic Sausalito Hotels 2017

Most Romantic Sausalito Hotels 2017

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This is our subjective personal list of the Most Romantic Hotels in Sausalito,  as opposed to our Best Hotels list, which is based on our quarterly surveys of online consumer sentiment.

The majority of Sausalito’s hotels are listed on
, and it’s easy to compare prices there for your selected dates and see any discounts or special deals that are being offered. We frequently see prices on that are significantly lower than the numbers from our spot surveys. As a result, we sought them out and is now one of our sponsors.

Here are perspectives on how to find the best romantic spot for you:

1.  Are you planning to spend all your time on this trip away from the hotel, out doing activities?  If so, the room size, view and appointments will matter far less than the hotel’s location. since you won’t spend that much time in the room.

2.  Are you planning to drive lots of places or explore by walking?  Walking hand in hand is very romantic… so long as the length of the walk matches what you both were looking for on this trip!

3.  Are you planning to lounge around the hotel a lot?  Looking for a place with a spa so you can go splurge side-by-side with your partner?  A spa within the hotel and the features of the individual room become a big factor.

4.  Is this a special occasion trip or one of many fun outings?  The most romantic spots are often booked for Honeymoons and will be pricey, but there are great romantic spots in town for far less money.

Most Romantic Sausalito Hotels 2017
1.  Inn Above Tide  — Every room has a fabulous view of the Bay and its own private deck.  One of our former editors proposed to his wife here, and we are delighted to report she said yes!  Located right next to the Sausalito Ferry in the heart of downtown Sausalito.  No restaurant on site, but they arrange delivery from great local spots and several top-ranked places are in easy walking distance.

2.  Cavallo Point Lodge — Located in a National Park and with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge towers and downtown San Francisco, this facility includes a spa, gourmet restaurant and a classy bar.  Some of the (more expensive) rooms are converted Officers Quarters from a 19th and early 20th Century army base.  Great for access to hiking in the GGNRA, but you’ll probably want to drive to reach the shops of downtown Sausalito.  A wide range of room types here, so research the specific room, view and amentiies carefully to make sure it matches your expectations.

3.  (Tie)  Casa Madrona — Casa Madrona shares many features of Cavallo Point Lodge, but is located in the heart of downtown Sausalito.  The views are of the local harbor, and the other features match up: a great restaurant and bar, a spa, and some beautiful 19th century Victorian rooms that belong on a house tour.  Also like Cavallo Point, they have a variety of views and both modern and antique rooms, so it pays to research the specific wing or room you’ll be in well in advance.

3.  (Tie)  Gables Inn — We struggled with how to compare and rank Gables Inn, which describes itself as a B&B, with the far larger Casa Madrona… and ended up with a tie vote.  The Gables Inn website allows you to individually pick the room you want to reserve, a level of control you’ll never get at a bigger hotel.  Located in large Victorian homes on a hillside in downtown Sausalito with views of San Francisco Bay, Gables Inn has been extensively remodeled and modernized.

5.  Hotel Sausalito — Another good choice adjacent to the Sausalito Ferry in the middle of downtown Sausalito.  No restaurant on site (the coffee shop in the building doesn’t rank with the gourmet places that surround it) but super close to a wide range of great places to eat.  Again, this is a place where you can pick out the specific room you want to reserve from their website, and their prices are usually the lowest of any hotel on this list despite their high ratings on our Best Hotels list.  Some rooms have partial views of San Francisco Bay, many overlook Vina del Mar Park.  The spa at Casa Madrona is only half a block away, and if you stay here you’ll have more money to spend on pampering yourselves!  They regularly rank in the Top Three on our quarterly Sausalito Best Hotels list, so you don’t have to pay top prices to stay in a highly-rated place.

So there you have it!  Five great choices, ranked in order of our personal opinion.  The link in each hotel’s name above leads to far more information, maps and links to the hotel wbsites, so be sure to check out all the options and form an opinion of your own!

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