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LETTER: Time to look again at placement of U.S. Highway 101 bridge

Look again at bridge While our pocketbooks empty over another loss of roads at the Elwha Campground, the state Department of Transportation marches to build… Continue reading

LETTER: Government should ensure universal health care for everyone

Universal health care In December 2012, the United Nations passed a historical resolution to endorse universal health coverage which is defined as “everyone (including the… Continue reading

LETTER: Killing mountain goats would be unfair in Olympic National Park

Unfair suffering to goats The Olympic National Park’s preferred management plan for mountain goats calls for what constitutes a militarization of wilderness. Helicopters carrying gunmen… Continue reading

LETTER: Only middle-class tax cuts will boost economy

Trickle-Down hoax For once and for all, let’s expose the gigantic hoax known as Trickle-Down Economics. If you believe that giving a tax cut to… Continue reading

LETTER: Pay attention to presidential Cabinet’s actions

If it’s not too much to ask, forget about the meanderings of the president. I know what he tweets can get us into another war… Continue reading

LETTER: Months later, still can’t say the words about what happened

Every Republican should hang their heads in disgrace for giving a platform to you-know-who to become you-know-what of the you-know-where. Sorry, I just can’t bring… Continue reading

LETTER: Listen to the whole story, not just part

I don’t often read Michelle Malkin. I don’t mind that she is printed in the Peninsula Daily News; I support freedom of expression of all… Continue reading

LETTER: ‘Dear Abby’ has grown too racy for comics page

It seems that the “Dear Abby” column published in the Peninsula Daily News each day has gotten a bit racy. I don’t actually read the… Continue reading

LETTER: Fort Discovery plan for Tarboo Lake facility misguided

Fort Discovery Inc. has begun the pre-application process with the Jefferson County Department of Community Development to build gun ranges, barracks, helicopter pads, etc., spread… Continue reading

LETTER: Women not putting up with harassment any more

Regarding a recent cartoon and the #MeToo campaign: The actions of men toward women aren’t a few decades old. They’ve been committed for thousands of… Continue reading

LETTER: Politicians trying to trick public again with tax proposal

Many politicians fib, and bribery and corruption have no party lines. They have existed as long as politics. The current levels fly in the face… Continue reading

LETTER: Abortion not easy question, even for liberal progressive

I’m a liberal progressive Democratic Christian. I am an American. I also have conservative values (ladies, please dress modestly). I’d call my values sensible, insightful… Continue reading

LETTER: Anti-fluoride community thanks Port Angeles for vote

Thank you to all the voters who participated in the recent “no more fluoridation” ballot measure. As answered “no” by the 57.5 percent majority of… Continue reading

LETTER: Father should appreciate president’s efforts to get son out of Chinese jail

Right on, high five, son. This seems to be the message given from an “out of touch” father, LaVar Ball to his son, LiAngelo, and… Continue reading

LETTER: Refreshing to see the president’s accomplishments noted

It is impossible to state how great and refreshing it is to finally have someone “tell it like it is” regarding our president and his… Continue reading

LETTER: American nationalism recalls Germany of 1930s

The thought-provoking “Matter of principle” letter (PDN, Nov. 20) righteously brings recrimination to those who champion liberal ideology. We long for the time when we… Continue reading

LETTER: City should seek bids for Port Angeles bridge barriers

It cannot possibly cost $900,000 to add 4 feet to the existing railings on the Eighth Street bridges. Let’s put it out to local bid… Continue reading