Toy Fund

  • Home crises many, child needs your generosity

    It's bad enough that her absentee father is in prison.

  • Single parent seeks Toy Fund’s help in brightening holidays for her 13-year-old daughter

    The girl's mother writes a note asking for assistance from newspaper readers.

  • Fund’s special delivery vehicle: Northeast Transport 18-wheeler

    The owner says the delivery service is an annual highlight for his company and its drivers.

  • Homeless family needs some help with Christmas gifts for 4-year-old

    The midcoast boy's mother says he is imaginative, and loves Legos and action figures.

  • Spice up holiday giving with Portland Potluck drive

    Participants post messages and photos on social media and it becomes a big virtual office party happening simultaneously in employee cafeterias around Greater Portland.

  • Toy Fund: Loving memories of moms inspire donors

    The legacies of two beloved women will brighten the holidays for children in need.

  • Single mother of 2 children asks for help at the holidays

    It's exactly why the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund has been raising money and buying gifts for 68 years.

  • Family paying off debt asks for help with gifts for 3 children

    The midcoast parents hope hard work at their jobs means next year they'll have Christmas in their own home.

  • Grandmother believes in helping kids ‘however you can help kids’

    She is one of the countless grandparents whose soft spot for children translates into annual gifts to the Portland Press Herald Toy Fund.

  • Single working mother in midcoast asks for help with gifts for 2 kids

    'I financially am having a hard time with things,' she writes.

  • Donation remembers music lover who got bands together

    The Jack McPhillips Memorial Fund gives $250 to the toy fund.

  • Homeless single mom needs gifts for 2 young children

    Except for food stamps, the family's sole income is $750 per month in survivor benefits from when the 4-year-old daughter's father died two years ago.